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Five-Count Craps Strategy

Online or in real casinos, if you are playing craps, you would want to exploit the situation once you are on a streak. You have to cash in your winnings when you can and there is a system called the 5 count craps strategy just designed to do that. The main objective of this 5 count craps strategy is to catch a shooter who has the possibility to go off on a long run. So, the first thing to do is to find a right shooter.

Now, let us come to the actual five count of the 5 count craps strategy. As the name suggests, there are five steps involved.

1. The shooter will throw a point number. You have to ignore this if the shooter throws a 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12.
2. Next, the shooter will throw any number except the number 7 and you start your bet. You have to bet the same amount on the Come and Don't Come.
3. The next three steps involve placing the same bet combinations. For example, if a number is hit, you have to put that combination back. You also have to add full odds to the come bets. These are the basic 5 steps of the 5 count craps strategy.

You have to follow a certain method in this 5 count craps strategy. Take all the odds off if you do not get any of numbers rolled out in three rolls. Then wait for two rolls and if the shooter is still rolling, the put the odds back.

There is a chance that you might get sided when a 12 rolls out and lose your come bet. However, that is a 35 to 1 shot. The basic idea behind this strategy is that while you may not win on that many bets, but you will win more on the bets you win.

As you put more money into the game, you get credit for this in both online and real life casinos. This may help you move toward comps in real casino or get the play-through requirements in the online casinos that are needed to play bonus games.

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