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More Keno Tickets

Keno is a simple game, but comes in many different types. Like online slots, this game of chance has been changed many times to give players a variety of ways to play.

Race Horse Tickets

Keno race horse tickets retain their moniker from a time when keno numbers were actually associated with a race horse. Though the practice has changed, the name remains and many casinos still refer to their tickets this way. There is no real difference between keno race horse tickets and standard keno tickets.

King and High-End Tickets

King and High-End keno tickets can be a risky way to play. King tickets use a single number that is referred to as king, though lesser numbers may also be played on the same ticket. High-end tickets are both high risk and high payout for the numbers selected.

20 Spot Tickets

The 20 spot keno ticket is another way to play. The player selects 20 numbers to play with. He or she wins in almost any situation except those where 4, 5 or 6 numbers are matched. Surprisingly, this losing situation happens in about 63% of cases.

Other Tickets

Most other types of tickets rely on choosing a specific area of the card. You may play on the top or bottom of the ticket, the left or right of the ticket, or along the edge. Top/bottom and left/right tickets target 40 of the 80 numbers while edge tickets include 32 numbers.

The ticket options available to you will vary depending on the site you're playing at. Read the rules carefully to determine your options when playing online keno.

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